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More Than One Way: Understanding Glass /Jeff Ballard

July 4 - 15, 2016

Type of the Class: 10 days long residential and creative stay

Instructor: Jeff Ballard, USA

Level: Intermediate 

Language: English



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Description More Than One Way: Understanding Glass /Jeff Ballard

As a professional Gaffer and/or glass artist it is important to be able to understand and evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of various methods to the making of an object in glass.  This workshop will be a survey of techniques and approaches to problem solving in the hot shop in order to further develop students glassmaking skills while simultaneously encouraging artistic growth and idea development.  Objects will be secondary to the idea and methodologies in which they are created.  Students will be encouraged to learn and try various techniques in order to achieve a desired aesthetic.  Using multiple methods to create similar objects can be extremely informative and will give students a better understanding of the material, it's possibilities and limitations. Demonstrations by myself and guest artists along with in depth explanation of techniques, class discussions, slide lectures, and possible field trips will be the foundation of learning for this class.  The information covered in the class will be based on the needs and ideas of the students.  Students will have ample individual instruction in addition to class demos and should be ready to rapidly improve their skill set and understanding of the material. Sketching and planning ahead will be highly emphasized in order for students to get the most out of personal work time.  This will be the perfect class for students who are looking for a fun and challenging environment in which to push their artistic potential to the next level.  This is an intermediate level class and students should have at least 2-4 years experience with glass or equivalent. Advanced student are welcome and will also benefit greatly from this individualized program.  



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