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Cold Construction /Martin Rosol & Pavel Novák

August 15 – 19, 2016


Type of the Class: 5 days long creative stay
Instructors: Martin Rosol and Pavel Novák, USA
Level: Beginner / intermediate 
Language: English / Czech

11 000,- Kč
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Description Cold Construction /Martin Rosol & Pavel Novák

Students have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, information and experience from two very skilled glassworking artists and craftsmen in one class and at one place with vast experience from american artistic enviroment. Students will improve in this class the basics of grinding and polishing of glass on traditional glass cutting and glass working machines. In order to process glass objectswill participants have an opportunity to use a modern studio. During the class will students participate a presentation including a technique of sticking, practical use and preparation of a surface of glass using a HXTAL – NYL-1 glue. Participants of the class will have a unique opportunity to experience how it is like to work with this top-notch glue, which is perfectly suitable for realization of big objects with high resistance during grinding and perfect quality and firmness of links. Students can also experiment with color pigments.





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