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Assemblage Claro que si! /Einar de la Torre

July 25 – August 5, 2016


Type of the Class: 10 days long residential and creative stay

Instructor: Einar de la Torre, USA

 Level: beginner

Language: English 



26 600,- Kč
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Description Assemblage Claro que si! /Einar de la Torre

The main focus for this class will be to explore the most direct path to self-expression and the vehicle will be hot glass sculpture with a heavy emphasis on applied bit work. Although primarily based in the Hot Shop, students will also be encouraged to investigate the use of other materials in mix media constructions.  Students should plan to bring other mediums they are comfortable with and ‘found objects’ that may inspire mix media usage. Drawing and painting will be fundamental to the working process, and group discussion and teamwork will be fostered through collaborative projects. Techniques in sculpting glass and colour processes will be demonstrated daily and ways to bond and assemble work will be discussed. Students will be encourage to think more about ideas in terms of ‘sketches’ rather than finishing a ‘masterpiece’.





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