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A Talk with Engraving Wheel /Pavlina Cambalova

August 15 – 19, 2016


Type of the Class: 5 days long residential and creative stay
Instructor: DiS. Pavlina Cambalova, Czech Republic
Level: Beginners / intermediate
Language: Czech / English



11 000,- Kč
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Description A Talk with Engraving Wheel /Pavlina Cambalova

Main topic is the preparation of arts using engraving and sandblasting of glass. Glass engraving is a technique, which teaches us to respect a revolving engraver’s wheel. We explore the options of the work with it and through it we create structures, cuts, compositions and flat and deep reliefs. During the work, students will have to work either with precise design, which they will have to abide, or with only few simple lines depicting the rough composition, from which will rise the playful improvisation. Students will engrave into a flat clear glass, and the matrix created this way will be pressed using colours on a paper and also into colored flashed glass, eventually into hollow glass shapes and blocks. Students will be able to try immense amount of various engraving techniques and will be able to have fun while experimenting with them. After trying it, they will find their own. Class is also suitable for beginners, who can try playful uses of imprints of rotating wheels, and intermediates looking for further possibilities in engraving.





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